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Screen Print Your Design

Custom T-Shirts

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At Mark-IM, we bring your designs to life through custom screen printing. Whether you already have artwork in mind or want to work with our talented team of graphic designers to create a new design or business logo, we'll make it happen using vectored technology. 

Looking to show off your school spirit with a custom tee? Maybe you need to add your logo to uniforms or want to sell hoodies with your logo to support fundraising efforts. Either way, screen printing is an economical option for businesses, sports teams, and organizations looking to print in large quantities. We have a large selection of garments to choose from, so you can screen print your branding on nearly any clothing item you want.

We discount our screen printing service based on quantity, with a 12-garment minimum per logo, so pricing is specific per individual job.

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How Screen Printing Works

To start the screen printing process, we separate each color in your design on individual pre-coated silk screens. Next, we line up the screens, print, and cure the ink using a high-heat, timed drying process. We use highly durable ink that lasts for years, so you don't need to worry about the colors fading quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of colors my logo can have?

We can screen print up to six (6) colors, incorporating half-tones to logos to make it appear as if it has over six colors.

Can I get different garment styles and still get the quantity discount?

Yes, as long as the garments are similar in color. There may be additional fees if you have a dark-colored logo on light hoodies, but you want to include a dark-colored shirt as well, which would require we change logo colors. Don't worry, we'll go over everything with you before production.

What's the price for screen printing?

We price every job based on quantity discounts and color separation, so pricing differs per order. If you'd like a quote, contact us, and we will examine your artwork, garment selections, and quantity.

Is there a fee if I don't have a logo?

If the artwork you provide isn't in our preferred vector format, we charge a one-time fee to convert it (typically $35). Fees can vary based on your design, but we will discuss everything before production.

Can I use multiple logos for an online store?

We recommend using one or two logos for an online store. When choosing garments, make sure the logo colors will stand out on all colors you choose. Our online stores coordinator will explain the online stores process.